All my life, I've played in that sacred space where beauty gets intimate with science

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As a child, I wandered the cornfields of my grandparents’ farm, examining butterflies and petting cows. As a thirty something, I lived against the Blue Ridge Mountains and fell in love with the spirit and souls of that region. For nearly three decades I was a scientist--my artist’s palette a microscope where I magnified objects hundreds of thousands of times and illuminated my samples with beams of electrons.

Each experience prepared me for the next. And in 2008, I discovered the camera. While my mind fell in love with words like aperture, ISO and shutter speed, my heart fell to pieces for the pictures.

Be Your Own Beloved, a 28-day journey in self-portraits with Vivienne McMaster truly changed how I saw myself. And it helped me understand and accept who I was--a silver-haired women entering her wisest years, shining my light the best I know how.  The older I get, the less retouching I seem to need or want :-)

These days, I am a woods-walker and a vegetable grower.

I adore freshly-plucked-from-the-garden asparagus. Sometimes I sing to the trees. Humans inspire me. Wild turkeys too. I live with dogs, cats, goats, chickens, honey bees and my beloved husband  in a recycled house turned into a log cabin on an 80-acre farm in Northern Kentucky. There’s a teal gate leading to the pasture.

I believe in the divinity of this earth and all that walks upon it. And I believe in you.

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You are ready now to be photographed....
just as you are!

Images have the power to change how you see yourself; to switch your personal narrative to one that is kinder and more loving to the person who looks back at you in the mirror everyday.  When you see yourself with eyes of love, acceptance, and being good enough now, it fuels your ability to love and accept others as they are. This is my way of quietly changing the world - helping infuse it with more love, one person at a time.
— Julie Lubbers