Of lily pad flowers, rain, and the fourth of July....

We got rain this year for the fourth of July.  My garden likes it; the goats and chickens not so much.  I was sitting on the front porch reading when Charlie calls me to bring my camera and come look at the lily pad flowers in the rain.  The jewel like quality of the rain drops on the leaves and petals appear magical.  The ever expanding concentric rings formed when rain hits the surface of the pond are beautiful when frozen in time by the camera.  A gloomy day suddenly seems brighter watching the lily pad flowers rejoice in the rain.  It was worth getting wet to see. 

May your July 4th holiday be a fun one regardless of the weather!



The Difference a Day Makes

The Difference a Day Makes

The day AFTER I made this picture of our catalpa tree in full bloom with blossoms carpeting the grass beneath it, and its heady perfume in the air, a huge rain storm stripped the flowers from the tree.  

I can't help but think of my own tendency to put things off until later and how sad I would have been to miss this opportunity to really look at the tree and take pictures and create this piece. 

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