Personal Branding - Your Best Face Forward in Business

You Personal Branding photograph can easily be your first impression in the business world. What does yours say about you?  Is it up to date?  Is it the best version of you? Does it look professional?  Is it sized correctly for the platform it is displayed in?  I love taking contemporary corporate profiles that you will be proud to have on LinkedIn, your company directory or website.  You will look BOTH professional and gorgeous!  

Contact me at (859) 667-4727 and we can design something just for you.

The Beautiful Backlight

Backlight portraits are one of the favorites of Teal Gate Studio's clients.

Backlight portraits are both a client favorite and one I love to take.  In these type of portraits, the brightest part of the image is behind the subject resulting in a bright white background.  For these examples, the background is a window covered with sheer white fabric to soften and diffuse the light.  The results are striking!

Love the look?  If so, I will make sure to include these images in your personalized portrait session at Teal Gate Studio.

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Honoring Your Journey Through Portraits

Happy Nature Photography Day!!!

June 15 is designated by NANPA (North America Nature Photography Association) to be Nature Photography Day.  To celebrate the occasion, here is a video of a year in images taken on the farm where I live and where my studio, Teal Gate Studio is located.  I hope you enjoy it!



A Year on Our Farm 

Celebrating Milestones

Here are a few of Brennan's senior pictures.  He is my great nephew and I am blown away by how much he looks likes the men on my Dad's (his Great Grandfather!!) side of the family.  These are definitely milestone pictures that capture a moment in time that is often looked back upon during the years that come after.  It is impressive to see the young man he has become.  It is exciting to think about his whole life in front of him.  His parents are very proud of him and get a bit emotional about the changes ahead.  That is normal and part of the deal in being a parent, seeing them grow wings and begin to fly.  Being so happy and a bit sad at the same time.



The Difference a Day Makes

The Difference a Day Makes

The day AFTER I made this picture of our catalpa tree in full bloom with blossoms carpeting the grass beneath it, and its heady perfume in the air, a huge rain storm stripped the flowers from the tree.  

I can't help but think of my own tendency to put things off until later and how sad I would have been to miss this opportunity to really look at the tree and take pictures and create this piece. 

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