Dry Ice Shoot - Behind The Scenes!

Here is a quick clip of Flo in her "bed of dry ice"!  The bed is made from pieces of styrofoam insulation cut into 2 ft sections and taped together to form a pool to contain the dry ice fog.  Strategically placed metal bowls of dry ice were placed around her.  Hot water was poured over the dry ice by myself and my photographer friend, Lucia Harmon.  I quickly jumped onto my step stool to get get the shot.  You have to work fast, as the fog dissipates within a minute.

SAFETY FIRST!!  I kept safety in the forefront by using gloves to handle the dry ice and keeping the studio door open to the outside to make sure we had plenty of fresh air.  We also practiced the poses beforehand so we could work fast. Make sure you know how to handle dry ice before attempting a shoot like this yourself!!  

Links to finished dry ice portraits are here and here.