In Her Own Words - Debby

Debby is a wonderful woman I met last summer.  She told me she hadn't had a professional picture taken since her collage yearbook!  She decided she needed a new LinkedIn profile picture and maybe a portrait for her mother.  Debby will be the first to tell you she doesn't like makeup and wasn't interested in wearing an evening gown.  I assured her that her session was just that....Her Session!  She gets to choose the types of portraits she wants!!  She loved her portraits and was so kind to write how she felt about her experience.  



Why would I have a self-portrait photograph taken of myself?    This is a question I asked myself, after a dear friend of mine had a photo session at Teal Gate Studios with Julie Lubbers. I had never considered having a photograph taken of myself! “I am single. I don’t have children or pets. What would I do with pictures of myself?”

Yet….my friend’s pictures were absolutely perfect. They looked beautiful, and she kept raving about the photographer, the photo-shoot session, and the finished images.

I had some great “selfies”, snapshots with friends/family, and vacation
However, those pictures were in front of a tourist attraction, or at
an event. I hadn’t posed for a picture of myself since my college yearbook!
I really did need a professional “headshot” for my LinkedIn profile, so, when
the opportunity presented itself, I went for the photography portrait.

I am different than other women. I had no interest in wearing a special dress or gown. I didn’t want to get all “glammed-up” like it was a special occasion (even though Julie’s daughter, Elly, is a hair stylist/make-up artist, and was there to assist). I wanted real pictures of ME, the way I see myself.

Such a positive Teal Gate experience.

We met before-hand and planned my outfits. She wasn’t just taking professional pictures of me. She wanted to create an experience for me! Julie made me so comfortable, I didn’t feel
self-conscious posing! We laughed, talked, bonded, and built a friendship!

The reveal: How did my pictures turn out? Wow! These are excellent!
They make me look professional, yet approachable. They show a
confident, empowered woman. They look like me, the “Real Me”! I look
kind, friendly, relaxed, comfortable, and happy! That is ME! I like myself
and I have self-confidence. I am proud of the adult I have become and
truly like these pictures of myself!

This is why you should have a portrait taken of yourself!

Do it as a reward for accomplishing a goal. Do it for fun. Do it
so you can give a beautiful photograph of yourself to a loved one. Do it for
yourself after getting through a tough period in life. Celebrate the new,
strong YOU. Celebrate the person you’ve become. Contact Julie at Teal
Gate Studios, today! Let her capture all of your greatness!