Celebrating Who You Are Now

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
— Coco Chanel

Many of the women who ask me to photograph them are over 50.  They are embracing who they are now and standing in their power!  They have a wisdom that comes from experience and seem truly at home in their bodies.  They know that beauty is much more than being a certain age or body type.  I love the authentic beauty that emanates from these women! 

Trace is a great example of "50 and Fabulous"!   At the time of this video, she and her husband Karl were still newly weds!  Trace is a loving, authentic women who is not afraid to stand in her power.  Her portraits are a breathtaking mix of evening gown, blue jeans, little black dress, vintage wedding gown, and a sexy white sheet!   You can tell from the video, we had a great time during her photo-shoot.