The Guys....yes I love photographing them!

I get asked if I photograph men.  The majority of my clients are women, but the guys are more then welcome!  With the exception of personal branding sessions, most of the guys that I photograph have been brought in by their wives, significant others, or mother!  That is honestly why I market my business to women.  They usually are the ones thinking that photographs are necessary and call me to make it happen.

Thing is, I really LOVE photographing men!  From a technical standpoint, I get to follow some different "rules".  Men can often take harsher shadows and more contrast.  It makes them look stronger and well, more masculine.  I still want to capture authentic expression and have amazing eye contact.  That goes for everyone I photograph.

So guys, you are welcome in front of my lens!!  Guess I need to add some portraits of the guys to my website!!