Why I LOVE prints

I have a bit of a love affair going on with printed photographs!  There is something about seeing a photograph printed on beautiful paper that a computer or phone screen just can’t come close to!  Plus, there is the longevity factor.  There is no guarantee that all those photographs on your phone or computer will always be able to be read or downloaded.  Anyone remember Betamax video? I’ve heard it said that an entire generation of photographs are in danger of being lost if the technology to read the format becomes obsolete.  They are even selling laptops that no longer have a USB port included!

Because I want your portraits to be passed down for generations to come,  each portrait I sell is delivered in BOTH print and digital format. I use pigment based inks that when stored out of direct sunlight, are rated to last for at least 100 years.  One day your grown great grandchildren can have a printed portrait of you!  Talk about a legacy!

It is important that your prints be stored in a beautiful way.  To do that, I offer folio boxes and portfolio wraps that are handmade in Italy.  They are available in Italian leather and a leather free option.  The materials and the craftsmanship are superb!

The leather reveal box doubles as a free standing frame you can use to display your portraits. The box lid is held in place with strong magnets!  Your remaining prints are kept safe inside the box.  

The portfolio wrap feels like the softest leather, but it is an animal free product!  The inside is a soft suede, again an animal free material.  Your portraits are stored inside the portfolio and the top wraps over and is held securely with a magnetic closure.  

Of course, if you want wall sized prints, they too are printed with archival ink. I offer wall portraits up to 24x36 inches in size.  Do you need them custom framed?  I can take care of that for you too!.

To get an idea of what the products looks like, check out the images below.