The Tulle Skirt Photosession

Finally after making the tulle skirt, the flower crown and obtaining the correct sized corset, we had a beautiful evening for the actual photosession.  Makeup artist, Elly, and client, Hannah, decided that the finishing touch would be to color Hannah's hair pink to match her outfit!  It looked amazing.  I will have to post a clip of the two of them busy applying the color and laughing with delight.  It was really such a good time!  We loaded up the car with all our equipment and drove the 1/4 mile to the pasture/meadow.  After stashing the car out of camera sight, we had a full 40 minutes to shoot before it got too dark.  The light late in the day is magical to photograph by!  I used a soft box to add light to Hannah's face while letting the beautiful ambient light show in the background.  

We did have to pause a couple of times to free the grasshoppers from the big tulle skirt.  Who knew it would be such an effective if you need  way to catch grasshoppers...well you know what to use :-)

Enjoy the video!  I think it captures the magic of the evening.  I am convinced that a beautiful gown has the power to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step regardless of your age.  I told my husband i may start wearing that gorgeous tulle skirt around the house because I can!



Hannah's Beautiful photosession in the meadow

Here are the finished portraits!