How Do You Dream of Being Photographed? Trace's Portrait Session

Back in September 2016 Laura and I photographed Trace and Karl's wedding.  What a fun day that was!  (Check out the highlights from their wedding here).  I was thrilled when Trace came out to the studio for her own portrait session.  She wanted to be photographed in a variety of clothing from casual jeans to drop a dead gorgeous evening gown.  I rented a vintage wedding gown from the 1930's for her to wear and we even planned some sensual "white sheet" portraits. 

Trace arrived the morning of her portrait session ready for make up artist Elly Baker to work her magic.  There was a lot of laughter and plenty of good music while everyone worked together to get Trace styled and ready for her photographs.  I coached her in posing and before you knew it, she was having a great time in front of the camera! (I always pose you! It is not your job to know what looks great in's mine!  You just get to enjoy the process!!)

Check out the videos of the behind the scenes the day of the shoot and some of Trace's finished portraits.  There is also a short video clip of Trace talking about how her portraits made her feel.


How Do You Dream of Being Photographed?

Trace talks about her portrait