Loving And Accepting Ourselves As We Age

I want to talk about loving and accepting ourselves as we age.  In a world of anti aging creams, botox and cosmetic surgery it is easy to believe that growing older is to not to be embraced and should be avoided at all costs!  The underlying message is that young is good and older, well not so much.  I also think it feels different for a woman.  Society doesn't pressure men as much to be eternally young like it does for women.  So even with the best of skin care, eventually we have to face that woman in the mirror and admit we are no longer young.  And then what??  

Personally, I am working on loving and accepting this body that is no longer young.   The curvier, silver haired, not as perky me that I am now is also the wiser, knows what she wants, more authentic, more loving me too!  I love who I have become over the years and now it is vital that I love the body I am in as well!  It is my life ship that carries my essence as long as I am on this earth.  This body still loves, still hugs, still laughs and cries.  This body deserves to be loved and accepted for what it is now.  I do not want to waste anymore time bemoaning my lost youth when I could be living, REALLY LIVING, what life I still have.  So I will show up in pictures and wear clothes I love.  I will speak kindly to my body, feed it good food, give it rest and exercise.  I will honor and love it, and be very grateful for all it does.  I hope you will do the same.



self portrait 2017



I totally and completely love and accept myself at this age now and in this body.