Imitating Natural Light With A Speed Light - Part 2

After experimenting with my lighting for a bit, it was time to test it out on someone besides me!  This session took place after dark.  Wow, I LOVE not being constrained by available light!  I also love the ability to shape the light to change the mood of the image, just like I do with natural light.  The first three portraits were done using various speed light setups to mimic natural light.  The black & white image was lit using a LED spotlight picked up at Home Depot!  I love the contrasty light reminiscent of old Hollywood portraits.

When I showed Lindsay her portraits, she told me "thank you for making me feel beautiful".  That hit me right in the heart!  That is why I love photographing women of all ages and stages of life, we all deserve to feel beautiful!  We all deserve to be seen and honored for who we are.  What an honor to be a photographer!!!