No Matter How Grown They Are, A Mother Loves Portraits of Her Children

The last photoshoot of 2016 was a family session.  The goal was to get a Christmas card picture for 2017 since it had been years since the family had one together.  After the family portraits, we ended up doing a spur of the moment mini portrait session of the client's grown son to celebrate his upcoming trip abroad to study in his last semester of college.  Here are Sherry's own words describing that afternoon.  I guess in a mother's eye, her children are NEVER too old for portraits!

"After a friend recommended Teal Gate Studio for business head shots and I loved her work, our family decided that now that our son, Bret, was finishing his last semester of college on a foreign exchange semester, and we hadn’t had a family Christmas shot in years and we are so proud of what a talented, smart, kind, athletic and fit- and really handsome  young man our son had become, we had a family portrait session during Christmas break.  In the course of the holiday shot and full family portraits, I was admiring Julie’s exceptional eye and the many artful portraits she had about the studio.  Bret had an array of high school photos taken so I asked about doing another array of our “model good looks young man” in celebration of his upcoming college graduation.  Bret had not really dressed for these kinds of portraits but Julie’s creativity posed him with such variety that the photographs all being the same suit and not the right socks, etc.etc. meant nothing because the photos captured his great smile and somber good looks so well.  But the best photo is Mama and Son in a hug with love in our eyes and happiness being together coming through a photo in ways that make you feel you were there for the embrace. " 

Thank you Sherry for your kind words!  I am thrilled you love your portraits.