Boys and Girls....There is a difference in how you photograph them!

There really are differences in how I tend to photograph women vs men.  In a nutshell it comes down to light and body language.  For light, I tend not to use a reflector to even out light across the face on men because they really look good with the harder light. Conversely, soft even light is very beautiful on a woman's face.  Both examples below show this lighting difference.

Another thing I consider when photographing women and men is body language.  Men tend to be more triangular in shape while women are more hourglass shaped.  I emphasize these differences by how the elbows, shoulders, and hips are posed in the portrait. 

In the first set of images, her elbows are tapered along he body to show her narrow waist.  His elbows are posed in a more powerful stance making him look strong.

In the second set of images, both are facing the camera directly.  His elbows are posed in a more masculine pose while she tucks her elbow back to emphasize her hourglass shape.  Again there is harder light on his face compared with the soft open light on hers.

Are these hard and fast rules? Of course not!  The concept of posing rules is to be a guideline in shaping you for the camera to look your best and reflect your unique personality.  Each person is different and it is my great joy to help you look fantastic in your portraits!