A Priceless Moment

When planning Charlie's senior portrait session, I asked his Mom, Michele if she would like to be in in the picture with her son at the end of the session.   We decided to go for a contemporary look with Charlie in his suit and Michele dressed in a black dress.  I wanted to give the portrait a slightly edgy feel that a teenager would like and his Mom would look great in.  She even decided to have a couple of personal branding images taken to update her look for her business, Sparkle for Good.

Michele loved her pictures and treasures having a recent picture of the two of them together.  I asked her how she felt seeing the two of them in a portrait together and this is what she told me.

“ It’s hard to believe that my son is a senior. When I see this photo, I recognize the little boy I’ve loved since birth, and I respect the smart, kind, and independent man he has become. I generally avoid the camera, but having this photo with Charlie makes my heart swell with pride, love, and gratitude. Capturing this moment is priceless.”