A Tip to Look Better in Photographs

Every time I take a portrait, this mantra taught by my mentor, Sue Bryce, goes through my head: Chin, Shoulders, Hands, Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry and Connection.  They cue me to remember all the "posing rules"; guidelines on what makes a person look great in camera.  

 Cameras see you differently then the human eye does.  One of the most noticeable is that what is closest to the camera lens, often looks bigger then it really is!   The rub is, what is often your most comfortable posture is what looks unflattering to the camera's eye.  

During a portrait session, it is my goal to use the posing rules to help you look your best ever in your portraits.  

Here are two tips from the Posing Rules to help you look better next time someone pulls out the iPhone for a group shot.  Elly is using both of these tips in her portrait below. 

  1. Slide one foot back so you are able to rest your weight on your back foot.  Tip slightly forward at the waist so you are leaning a little towards the camera.  This will put the bottom half of your body further away from the camera and prevent it from making you look bottom heavy.  You will not look like you are leaning forward at all!!
  2. Push your chin forward and very slightly down.  Yes, it will feel silly (my daughter says it makes her feel like a chicken!), but the camera loves it!  You will define your chin, minimize or avoid a double chin, and bring more focus to your eyes.

Try it yourself and see the difference!  

The Posing Rules help you look great in camera!!!

The Posing Rules help you look great in camera!!!