Turn, Turn, Turn

Successful at setting seed and her work complete, the sunflower bows over and begins to dry out.  Birds will eat and scatter the seed beginning a new cycle next spring.  

Whether you are a fan of "The Byrds" or familiar with the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, you can see that nothing stands still.  Those tiny sunflower shoots pushing up out of the ground a few months ago have already grown to 10 feet high and flowered bright and bold.  Now they have finished setting their seed and are beginning to dry out.  The flowering time is past and the harvest approaches.  Birds will feast on the seed and scatter a few about that will pop up again next spring. 

The lesson for me is to lean into the changes.  I love the sunflowers.  I enjoy photographing them and seeing their bright yellow color that shines like a little sun.  I am also learning to see their beauty even as they dry up and fall back to the earth.  I used to feel sad to see their blooming time be over.  It is more  peaceful to accept that the fading blossoms mean food for the birds and new sunflowers next spring.  

There was a time for the sunflowers to bloom and there is a time for them to fade.  I trust that process in nature.  Time to trust the process that plays out in my own life, to embrace the things that are here now and gracefully let them go when their time is done.

I wish you all peace as you walk through your seasons.