Seeing the Beauty in the Tiny Details

Mammoth Sunflower: Top left image is a 21x view of the outer edge of the sunflower head near the petals.  The top right image is a 21x view of the center of the head of the sunflower.  Ōlloclip macro pro + iPhone 6

The mail carrier just delivered an Ōlloclip macro pro for my iPhone 6 and I couldn't wait to try it out.  The macro pro is an attachable lens that turns your iPhone into a hand held digital microscope.  It is capable of 7x, 14x, and 21x magnification.  Sunflowers are in bloom on the farm  and made a perfect subject to test it out on!

Sunflowers are considered composite flowers, meaning the head of the sunflower is composed of hundreds of tiny flowers which eventually form individual seeds. The image at the top left is a 21x view of some of these individual flowers that have opened.  They are located on the outer part of the sunflower head.  The image at the top right, taken at the very center of the sunflower,  shows unopened flowers at 21x magnification. 

What amazing detail!!  I love seeing this tiny world within the big flower.  I have a feeling I will have lots of fun with my new microscope :-)