Behind the Scenes of a Personalized Portrait Session

Personalized portrait sessions are planned from start to finish to help you look fabulous and have fun in front of the camera!  We start with a planning meeting to determine how you dream of being photographed.  This includes what to wear and bring to your session.  If needed, we will design outfits or help you rent what you need to get that one special portrait.  

The day of your photoshoot, first thing is professional hair and makeup.  Then we decide in what order you will wear the 5 outfits you have selected for your session.  Now you are ready for the camera!  It is my job to coach and pose you to look great!  I promise you will have a great time.

Two weeks after your photoshoot, I will have your beautiful images ready for you to select.  You buy only the portraits you LOVE......simple as that.

Check out the video!  It is from a recent session and gives you a feel of what it is like.  Interested? Give me a call at (859) 667-4727 and we can plan your personalized session!




Behind the scenes of a personalized portrait session at Teal Gate Studio