Time To Be Seen

Existing in photographs is a subject near and dear to my heart!  It is so easy to make excuses to hide from the camera.  You know the ones.....too old, too curvy, too tall, too short, the whole litany of not good enough.  On top of that we compare ourselves to what we see in magazines and forget that there is a whole team of photographers, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe, beautiful light, help with posing, and custom retouching of the images behind that gorgeous picture!  Imagine if these resources were available to you?  Well they are!!!  That is the heart of Teal Gate Studio.  Our portrait sessions are magazine style (think Vanity Fair!).  From hair & makeup, wardrobe selection, lighting, posing, all the way to printed portrait, it is a customized experience that will leave you feeling pampered, beautiful, and honored at this moment in your life.

Check out the short video below.  Can you see yourself in her place?  Contact me at julie@tealgatestudio.com for a consultation.  Let's make sure you are IN the picture!



Teal Gate Studio Incites You to experience a personalized portrait session.  Check out Elly's beautiful session!