This is a legacy portrait!

 Laura with her grandchildren….you should see the fine art print of this….So Beautiful!

Laura with her grandchildren….you should see the fine art print of this….So Beautiful!

One day when these little ones are grown, they will cherish this portrait with their Nana.

Too often as women, we hide from the camera, especially as we begin to age and our bodies change. It is easy to forget that it is only if we are lucky, one day we will become grand old women. By loving who we are right now, we also send a powerful message to our children and grandchildren that you are ok just as you are too.

How interesting that loving ourselves is the first step to helping others love themselves!!

Meet Leeland (with proud big sister, Emmy)!

Teal_Gate_Studio_ Portrait_Emmy smile (1 of 1).jpg

Making his newborn portrait debut, meet Leeland. Last time you saw him he was a cute bump in his Mother’s lace gown! Click here for that portrait.

I love the look on big sister, Emmy’s face! The pure delight in the moment that children are so capable of. Leeland took the entire session in stride. He is one of the most chill newborns I have ever photographed! When he was awake, he was so alert, looking right at the camera. check out these two portraits to see what I mean.

On The Cusp Of Change

Everything has changed.jpg

In less then a month, Ashley will become a busy mother of two!  She and her husband, Adam, wanted to document this time before Emmy becomes a big sister!  We did a sweet session outside in the fields around my farm and finished up with a vintage styled Mother/Daughter/Baby Bump portrait.  

I love how this moment in time is captured!  How little Emmy is looking  up at her mom, how Ashley's hair sweeps down as she cradles the new baby growing inside her.  So soon everything will change as baby Leeland arrives.  He is already so loved!!!  In what feels like a moment, your babies grow up.  I'm glad these memories are here to treasure.

Vintage Style Mother/Daughter Portrait Sessions

It is said that we give our children both roots and wings.  In the blink of an eye, it seems like they are grown and headed out for the next leg of their journey. 

Erin is headed off to college in the fall.  It was the perfect moment to schedule some Mother-Daughter time and create some beautiful vintage style portraits.  We used a combination of vintage clothes, thrift store tea stained treasures and a lace dress from amazon to style this gorgeous session. 

The indoor part of the session was designed to look very painterly.  The warm tones, vanity fair style lighting, and posing gave the final portraits just the look I had envisioned! I love the connection between mother and daughter!

After a change of clothing, we headed outside to the fields around my studio.  I wanted to create a wall series of three images processed to look like antique wet plate photographs.  Our gravel drive and a big old catalpa tree added touches of drama.  The finished portraits are below.  

Erin and I had such a great experience working with you. So much fun picking out costumes and stepping out of the usual everyday to create something truly unique. We not only ended up with some beautiful images but we had some quality mother/daughter time as well. Thank you so much!!!
— Heidi Lindberg

Springtime at the Studio/Farm!

I love this time of year!  The pastures and woods are beautiful.  Spring flowers and baby birds are showing up everywhere! Walking about with my camera, looking for treasures to photograph is a relaxing pastime for me.  It is also a gorgeous time for outdoor photoshoots!  (I have one scheduled for next week!!)  You can choose woods or pastures (or both!) and they are totally private.  We own ~80 acres.  Of course, my studio is always available should you prefer an indoor experience.  

For an idea of what an outdoor photo session is like, check out this video of the beautiful Hannah wearing a glorious tulle skirt and flower crown.