...to switch your story to one that is kinder and loving.   
It's time to feel Strong, Beautiful, and deeply Connected to the amazing person you are now. 


Hi, I'm Julie.

I am a Northern Kentucky photographer who specializes in portraits and personal branding images that encourage you to love who you are now.

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I see you...  You are spectacular... Welcome Home


Portraits that celebrate the AMAZING person you have grown to be. Yes, you! It took years of daily living to gather all that wisdom, street smarts, moxie and style. 

You have become the woman you were always meant to be. It's time to let your light shine!

Creative Portraits

There's something so emotionally captivating about a creative portrait. It's so much more than a picture of you, it's a work of art! Inspired by such greats as Edgar Degas' dance paintings and Joyce Tenneson's iconic photography, this style of portraiture is ideal for anyone wanting something beautifully different and one of a kind. 

Personal Branding

First impressions count! I will create a personal branding image that is exactly right for your brand. Today’s personal branding is often contemporary and really styled. Your professional image is not the place for a selfie! Let me make you look great!
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Julie has a gift for seeing the beauty in a person and capturing that beauty with her camera. She took some of the best pictures I have ever had of myself.

- Heather Plett

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